Vamp, Red and Black Split Wavy Curly Cosplay Gothic Lolita Wig


Model: LilGothFaery
Photographer: Lady Gaius Photography

Colours: Black and red
Length: 60cm (comes with detachable ponytails)

Each wig can be tightened by adjusting the straps inside the wig.

Styling instructions.

Wig can be heat styled (straightened/curled etc.) as long as the styling tool's temperature does not exceed 180 degrees.

Washing instructions

To wash the wig, simply dip the wig in a bowl of cool water (add a small amount of shampoo to the water if preferred), 'swish' the wig from side to side, and then hang it to dry.

Return policy

Wigs cannot be returned once worn for hygiene reasons.

We cannot accept responsibility for any damages incurred when styling or washing your wig.

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